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Rolling Meadows Park District Administration Office
3000 Central Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
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Provide opportunities for individual growth and community connections through parks and recreation.


To inspire our community to live happier and healthier lives by providing exceptional opportunities to play, learn and grow.

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Youth DanceDance

The Rolling Meadows Park District prides itself in providing your children with a safe, fun and creative way to express themselves through dance.

Dance Curriculum

Our dance curriculum is based on child development and the needs and abilities of our students.  All classes will include barre work, center floor work, across the floor combinations, and short dances.  Tiny Dancers, Dance Workshop, and Combo 1 will focus on tap and ballet with the occasional jazz in Combo 1.  For tap, we use a leveled curriculum developed by Mr. Al Gilbert.  In order for students to register for any level 2 classes or higher, they must meet the necessary requirements or have participated in our Dance Workshop and Combo 1 classes. 

Dance ShoesClass Placement

Recreation class placement, allows the flow of class to continue in an appropriate manner.  Every year your child will be evaluated by their dance teachers when using “I Can Do It” sticker charts. On the evaluations, it will show the child’s growth within the program and being able to master their skills throughout the year. Your child’s teacher will assess the students near the end of the year. The dance teachers will have copies of your child’s “I Can Do It”  sticker evaluations. If parents would like a copy of their child’s “I Can Do It”  sticker evaluations, please see your child’s dance teacher based on request.  Occasionally, a student may show growth throughout the year and suggestions will be made to place them in an appropriate class. 

Dance company placement, except for Petite Performers, was by audition only.  Dance company members take one intense class per week focusing on all areas of dance.  All members must commit to dance year round.  Dance company members also have additional opportunities for dance performances and one competition throughout the year. 


Revolution DancewearNow on Sale: Dance Shoes and Apparel!

Rolling Meadows Park District is proud to offer Revolution Dancewear for purchase!  All items are priced significantly lower than you can find in the stores.  We sell all types of dance shoes along with leotards, bottoms, and tights.  If you are interested in purchasing any dancewear, please see your instructor for a fitting.  All sales are final.

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