----basketball.jpgBeginning in November, this is a development league focusing on skill building and social interaction. Boys and girls will learn rules, develop an understanding of the game and build on fundamentals. They will work on individual skills, as well as game situations and strategies. Good sportsmanship and fun will be the emphasis of this league. All boys and girls will play at least one half of each game, and players of all skill levels will benefit. Practice will be held once during the week and games played on Saturdays. All players must attend evaluations. Coaches will draft teams.

Jammers Schedule 2019Revised 2/18/19

3rd & 4th Grade Schedule 2019 Revised 2/18/19

5th & 6th Grade Schedule 2019 Revised 2/18/19

7th & 8th Grade Boys Schedule 2019 Revised 2/18/19