• The Rolling Meadows Park District Board of Commissioners


    ----C-Kevin.jpg Kevin O'Brien, President
    Year Position Started 2015
    Year Current Term Expires 2019
    (847) 212-2587
    ----C_Bill Cooley.jpg Bill Cooley, Vice President
    Year Position Started 2007
    Year Current Term Expires 2019
    (847) 577-7118
    --lizb2 Liz Bolash, Treasurer
    Year Position Started 2016
    Year Current Term Expires 2021
    (847) 331-2429
    ----C-Dave Andrejek.jpg David Andrejek, Commissioner
    Year Position Started 2011
    Year Current Term Expires 2019
    (847) 812-6275
    Donna Bisesi, Commissioner
    Year Position Started 2011
    Year Current Term Expires 2019
    (847) 772-8412

    Kimberley Meehan, Commissioner
    Year Position Started 2017
    Year Current Term Expires 2021
    (847) 797-9619
    ----photounavailable.jpg Christine Savino, Commissioner
    Year Position Started 2017
    Year Current Term Expires 2021
    (847) 361-7865

  • Overview

    Board of Park Commissioners Meeting

    As a separate Municipal Governing Agency, the Rolling Meadows Park District's purpose is to provide parks, facilities and recreation programs for the children and adults of the community. The Park District's policies for operation are governed by seven elected Commissioners. Board Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at Park Central, 3000 Central Road. Any person with a disability requiring a reasonable accommodation to participate in this meeting should notify the Administrative Office 72 hours in advance Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 3:30pm. 847/818-3220.

    Copies of the board minutes and current agenda may be viewed at the Rolling Meadows Library, or on the website under the Meetings tab above.

    The Illinois Association of Park Districts is a nonprofit service, research and education organization that serves park districts, forest preserves, conservation, municipal park and recreation, and special recreation agencies. The association advances these agencies, their citizen board members and professional staff in their ability to provide outstanding park and recreation opportunities, preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life for all people in Illinois. Four percent of the annual dues goes towards lobbying efforts for Parks and Recreation.

    ----distinguished_accreditation.jpgAn Illinois Distinguished Accredited Agency

    The Rolling Meadows Park District has been a Distinguished Agency since 1996. The goal of the Illinois Distinguished Accreditation program is to improve the delivery of recreation services to the resident of Illinois. Accreditation is a voluntary program that uses a set of standards to evaluate and identify agencies throughout the state that provide exceptional Park and Recreation services to their community to improve their quality of life. The Illinois Association of Park Districts and the Illinois Park and Recreation Association has again recognized the Rolling Meadows Park District as an Illinois Distinguished Accredited Agency for 2014-2019.

    Mission Statement

    Provide opportunities for individual growth and community connections through parks and recreation.

    Vision Statement

    To inspire our community to live happier and healthier lives by providing exceptional opportunities to play, learn and grow.


    • Fun: Providing enjoyable experiences in the workplace and community.
    • Accountability: High standards of performance,ethics, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility.
    • Community: Aligning services and programs with needs while growing connections with residents.
    • Empathy: Providing a safe, cooperative, inclusive atmosphere for all.

    Community Survey 2010 Results

    The Rolling Meadows Park District conducted a Community Survey during the winter of 2010. The purpose of the survey was to help establish priorities for the future improvement of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services within the community. The survey was designed to obtain statistically valid results from households throughout the Rolling Meadows Park District. The survey was administered by a
    combination of mail and phone. Click on the link below for the results:

    Executive Summary Report

    Freedom of Information Act Requests

    Requests for information should be directed to the Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA), Officer(s) of the district. The current designated FOIA Officer(s) are:

    Mrs. Amy Charlesworth
    Executive Director

    Mr. Tim Klier
    Superintendent of Finance & HR

    Ms. Connie Kubik
    Administrative Assistant

    All FOIA Officers can be reached at:
    Park Central
    3000 Central Road
    Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008
    (847) 818-3220

    Freedom of Information Act Request Form

    Requests can be submitted in writing or via-email at the addresses listed above. A request form is also available at Park Central.

    For black and white, letter or legal sized copies, the first fifty (50) pages are free and any additional pages will cost $0.15 a page. For color copies or abnormal size copies, the Rolling Meadows Park District can charge the actual cost of copying. The district may require the requester to disclose whether the request is for a commercial purpose or to decide whether to grant a fee waiver.

  • 2018 Park Board of Commissioners Meetings

    (Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month) To view and/or print the Agendas or Minutes, select from below.

    Meeting Dates Agendas Packet Minutes
    January 09 - Special Meeting
    January 09
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    January 23 Agenda Packet Minutes
    February 13
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    February 27 Agenda Packet Minutes
    March 13
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    April 10 Agenda Packet Minutes
    April 24 Agenda Packet Minutes
    May 08
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    May 22
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    June 12 - Annual Meeting
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    Jun 26 - Special Meeting Agenda
    June 26 Agenda Packet Minutes
    July 24 Agenda Packet Minutes
    August 28 Agenda Packet Minutes
    September 11 Agenda Packet Minutes
    September 25 Agenda Packet Minutes
    October 09 - Committee of the Whole
    October 09
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    October 23 Agenda Packet Minutes
    November 13
    Agenda Packet Minutes
    December 11 Agenda Packet

    To see previous year's Meeting Agendas and Minutes please go to our Archives.

  • Announcements

    Candidate Information for the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election Now Available

    Persons who wish to run for office of Park Board Commissioner in the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election.