The Rolling Meadows Park District offers a full array of classes from tots through high school ages. Classes are designed to fit the needs of the different age groups and skill levels. Our boys and girls youth classes are divided into three different skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The skills for each level are as follows:


Floor-Forward and backward rolls as well as cartwheel


Beam-Kicks, jumps and a round-off dismount

Vault- Squat on


Floor-Back walk over, front limber and working front/back handsprings

Bars-Cast back hip circle

Beam-Turns, handstands and working on cartwheel

Vault- Handstand flat fall


Floor-Round-off back handspring, front handspring and working on back tuck and front tuck

Bars-Working on glide kip and flyaway

Beam-Back walkover

Vault-Front handspring
*Students enrolled in the advanced class must have the instructors permission.


Students participate barefoot. No jewelry of any kind is allowed in the gym. Hair must be tied back and away from the face.

Girls-a leotard is recommended with or without fitted shorts or capri pants.

Boys-a t-shirt or tank top with shorts without buttons, buckles or zippers

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Our gymnastics program follows United States of America Gymnastics. If you have questions about our gymnastics classes, contact Kelly at or at 847-818-3210 x223. Classes fill up quickly, so register early. Save your spot in classes by registering for all available sessions at the same time. Registration will not be accepted at the Gymnastics Gym. For a list of our current gymnastics classes, click the button below:

Fall 2018 Gymnastics Classes

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