Adult Softball Leagues & Tournaments

Fall 2020 Softball League

The Fall softball league runs from August through October. Please see the rules below. For any questions about the Fall Softball League please contact Scott Paddack at or at 847-818-3200 x223.

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 31

Code # Day Dates Fee R/NR
21-3806 Fri. 8/21-10/30 $550

26th Annual Terry Moran 16" Softball Tournament

COVID-19 Specific Rules
  • Once you have been eliminated from the tournament, we ask that you do not hang around the park. We know the communal aspect of the tournament has been a big part of the day. Unfortunately, with current COVID-19 circumstances, we are forced to eliminate that aspect of it.
  • Rep's Place, which is in the shopping center next to Kimball Hill, is welcoming as many Moran Tournament players as space allows. If you have not been there lately, they have expanded the bar area in the recent months. This is a great opportunity to support a local business.
  • We are having a small social distancing activity Saturday evening at the Amphitheater at Kimball Hill this area will be roped off and not to be used by Moran teams.
  • All participants must maintain 6 feet of distance while in the dugouts and should utilize space outside the dugout area to maintain distance.
  • Please limit the number of spectators that your team brings to the tournament.
  • Players and spectators should bring chairs from home. Limit the use of bleachers and dugouts.
  • Spectators must wear a face covering when social distancing is not an option.
  • Players-No licking fingers. Pitcher may use moist towel.
  • Strike Mat shall be used to allow for umpire to stand to the side of the catcher, maintaining social distance, and call balls and strikes.
  • It is highly recommended to bring your own equipment to minimize sharing.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer.
  • Bring your own water. DO NOT SHARE. Water fountains are not available.
  • Participants and Umpires should not spit sunflower seeds, chew gum, or use tobacco.
  • An accurate roster with correct addresses and phone numbers if imperative during the COVID pandemic as it will allow contact tracing if necessary.
  • No post game handshake.
  • If a player or family member is currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (ex: fever 100.4 or above or doesn't feel well), they should not come to the field. For a listing of COVID-19 symptoms visit
  • For teams violating any of the above COVID-19 rules, they may be asked to leave the tournament thus forfeiting any remaining games.

Ballfield Hotline Phone Number: