Full Time Staff List

Administrative Department

----Amy Charlesworth-Headshot-Small.JPG
Amy Charlesworth, CPRP
Director of Parks and Recreation
847-818-3220 ext. 111
----Timk-Headshot-small.jpg Tim Klier
Superintendent of Finance & Human Resources
847-818-3220 ext. 113

Connie Kubik
Admin. Asst./Accounts Payable
847-818-3220 ext. 110
Bernadette Zeppetello
Human Resource Coordinator
847-818-3220 ext. 115

Recreation Department

----ConorHeadshot-small.jpg Conor Cahill, CPRP
Superintendent of Recreation
847-818-3200 ext. 238
----EmilyH-WebsitePhoto-Small.jpg Emily Haeger
Recreation Supervisor - Special Events & Teen Programing
847-818-3200 ext. 224
Karrie Miletic
Recreation Supervisor - Early Childhood
847-818-3200 ext. 237
Scott Paddack
Recreation Supervisor - Athletics & Gymnastics
847-818-3200 ext. 223
Kent Russell
Rentals Supervisor - Park Permits & Facility Rentals
847-818-3200 ext. 222
Edie Schaeflein
Customer Service Representative
847-818-3200 ext. 221
----RitaHeadshots-small.jpg Rita Weidner
Recreation Supervisor - Marketing
847-818-3200 ext. 230
----Andrea-Headshot-Small.jpg Andrea Wilford
Recreation Supervisor - Dance, Youth, Birthday Parties, CARE Billing & School Age Camp
847-818-3200 ext. 225
----Wendy-Headshot-small.jpg Wendy Wilshek
Recreation Supervisor - Seniors & Adults
847-818-3200 ext. 233

Ice Arena Department

----Bob Veller EDIT.jpg Bob Veller
Superintendent of Ice Arenas
847-398-2700 ext. 108
----Leanne Walsh.jpg
Leanne Walsh
Skating Director
----Dan Desjardins Headshot-small.jpg
Dan DesJardins
Public Skate/Party Coordinator
847-398-2700 ext. 109
Steve Deinzer
Adult Hockey Director
847-398-2700 ext. 102
----photounavailable.jpg Thomas Ketelsen
Youth / Adult Hockey
847-398-2700 ext. 100
Stephan Polus
Youth Hockey
847-398-2700 ext. 100
----ScottRHeadshot-small.jpg Scott Ross
Youth Hockey
847-398-2700 ext. 104
----Patti Headshot - small.jpg
Patti Lowth
West Meadows Registrar
847-398-2700 ext. 105
Chris O'Dwyer
Nelson Sports Complex Registrar

Parks Department

----Brian McKenna.jpg Brian McKenna
Superintendent of Parks

----Parks Crew Photo.jpg Parks Staff
Jordan, Custodian Foreman/Building Maintenance Staff, 847-963-0550
Bill Shine, Parks Foreman/Building Maintenance Staff, 847-963-0550
Edward Fiscu, Building Specialist, 847-963-0550
Ed Dorsey
Krista Dufford
Pete Grams
Rick Kaelin
Brian Kowalski
Andrew Lombardo
Dave O'Dwyer
Brad Palla
Felipe Perez
Dan Simpson
Joseph Szafran
Ross Weymouth