Tot Athletics

Basic fundamental skills of each sport will be taught in a non-competitive environment. Equipment is age appropriate. Socialization, teamwork, participation, motor skill development, good sportsmanship and having fun will be a part of each program. Call Scott Paddack at 847-818-3200 x 223 for more information on all of our athletic programs. Make sure to check this page again as these classes will change seasonally.

Lil' Kickers Camp

Ages 1.5-2.5 & Parent | Community Center

Join your toddler and introduce them to soccer with games that allow them to run, play as a group and kick a ball. They gain basic soccer skills while building fundamentals such as balance and coordination. Our camp incorporates activities that include parachutes, bubbles, noodles, cones and lots of goal scoring.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3773 Mon.-Fri. 6/10-6/14 9-9:50am $45/$65
20-3777 Mon.-Fri. 6/24-6/28 9-9:50am $45/$65

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Adult & Tot Soccer & T-Ball

Ages 2-3 & Parent | Florey Park Tennis Courts

Little athletes will learn basic kicking, throwing, running, batting and catching skills necessary for success in either of these two popular sports through a fun approach that is a great way to give boys and girls their first taste of t-ball and soccer.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3596 Tue. 4/23-5/28 4:30-5:15pm $45/$65
20-3796 Tue. 7/16-8/13 5:30-6:15pm $32/$52

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Adult & Child T-Ball

Ages 2-3 & Parent | Community Center Auditorium

Get ready for Lil' T-ball by developing motor skills while having fun throwing, catching, batting and base running like the big kids. Parents and their little athletes will enjoy making new friends and working together to learn the basics of T-Ball in this exciting class!

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3546 Sat. 4/13-5/18 10:30-11:15am $45/$65
20-3748 Sat. 6/1-6/29 10:30-11:15am $38/$58
20-3849 Sat. 7/13-8/10 10:30-11:15am $38/$58

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Adult & Tot Soccer

Ages 2-3 & Parent | Community Center Gymnasium

Enjoy time with your toddler as they learn the basic skills of soccer like dribbling, passing and shooting. Age appropriate drills, games and equipment will be used.
Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3598 Thu. 4/11-5/16 5:30-6:15pm $45/$65
20-3822 Thu. 6/6-7/11 5:30-6:15pm $38/$58
20-3823 Thu. 7/18-8/15 5:30-6:15pm $38/$58

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Tiny Tot Games

Ages 2-3 | Community Center Auditorium

Kids will jump, run, throw and develop a variety of skills as they participate in Olympics sports including soccer, basketball, floor hockey, track and field and more. On the last day of class children will compete in events including an obstacle course, pool noodle javelin throw, the long jump, soccer ball kick and relay races.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3548 Sat. 4/13-5/18 9-9:45am $45/$65
20-3755 Sat. 6/11-6/29 9-9:45am $38/$58
20-3855 Sat. 7/13-8/10 9-9:45am $38/$58

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Tiny Tot Multi-Sport Mania

Ages 2-3 & Parent | Community Center

Sign up your little one for the ultimate first time sports experience where adults will assist their tots as they play a body challenging sport, improve listening skills and learn how to follow directions. A variety of sports such as soccer, basketball and kickball will be explored through fun and games and partner play.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3767 Wed. 6/5-7/10 5:30-6:15pm $38/$58
20-3867 Wed. 7/17-8/14 5:30-6:15pm $38/$58

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Lil' Pro Camp

Ages 3-5 | Community Center

The camp will focus on balance, coordination and fundamental soccer skills while also developing listening, cooperation and teamwork skills. The last day of camp is spent showing off skills learned throughout the week and a water fight (weather permitting).

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3772 Mon.-Fri. 6/10-6/14 10-10:50am $45/$65
20-3778 Mon.-Fri. 6/24-6/28 10-10:50am $45/$65

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Mini Kickers

Ages 3-5 | Community Center Auditorium

This class is a great introduction to basic soccer skills like running, kicking, passing and even game play will be covered. Games will be used to incorporate the skills taught during class in a fun and safe environment.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3547 Sat. 4/13-5/18 11:15am-12pm $45/$65
20-3752 Sat. 6/1-6/29 9:45-10:30am $38/$58
20-3860 Sat. 7/13-8/10 11:15am-12pm $38/$58

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Lil Dribblers

Ages 3-6 | Community Center Auditorium

Calling all Bulls fans that want to learn the game of basketball. In this class, players will learn the rules of the game, ball handling, passing and defensive techniques. Equipment will be size appropriate to help the success of every participant.

Code #: Day: Dates: Time: Fee R/NR:
20-3753 Sat. 6/1-6/29 11:15am-12pm

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Little Track Stars

Ages 3-6 | Community Center Gymnasium

This unique class will combine stretching, movement, running, jumping, throwing and other fitness concepts with fitness games like Simon Says, Red Light-Green Light, Hooper and more. Children will also participate in track and field events including sprints, relays, long-distance walking, hurdles and long jump. The session will conclude with a fun-filled track and field meet on the last day of class.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3597 Thu. 4/11-5/16 4:45-5:30pm $45/$65
20-3750 Thu. 6/6-7/11 4:45-5:30pm $38/$58

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Multi-Sport Mania

Ages 3-6 | Community Center Auditorium

This multi-sport class gives children a perfect opportunity to try a variety of sports in a fun and safe environment. Kids will play sports such as basketball, t-ball, soccer and floor hockey.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3545 Sat. 4/13-5/18 9:45-10:30am $45/$65
20-3861 Sat. 7/13-8/10 9:45-10:30am $38/$58

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T-Ball Training

Ages 4-6 | Community Center Gymnasium

Learn the basics of batting, base running, catching and throwing while we concentrate on the fundamentals of the game play and have a good time!

Code #: Day: Dates: Time: Fee R/NR:
20-3848 Thu. 7/18-8/15
4:45-5:30pm $38/$58

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Adult and Children Tennis & Golf

Ages 5-8 | Florey Park Tennis Courts

This program teaches you and your child the basics of tennis and golf. Court skills, putting, chipping and tee work will be mixed with easy instruction for proper form.

Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
20-3837 Tue. 6/4-7/9 5:30-6:15pm $32/$52

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