Kids playing with toys at preschool

Early Childhood Classes

Our wide range of class selections include parent and tot options to introduce your child to the classroom experience before they are ready to be on their own. We also provide a variety of classes without parents to help children feel comfortable in the classroom setting and transition them into preschool. Exciting sports classes to keep kids active are also available!
Class Name Ages
Busy Bees
1-2 years + parent
Leapin Lily Pads 1-2.5 years + parent
Adult and Tot T-Ball 2-3 years + parent
Adult and Tot Soccer 2-3 years + parent
Musical Adventures 2-3 years + parent
Class Name Ages
Toddlin On My Way 2-3 years
Tiny Tot Multi-Sport Mania 2-3 years
I'm a Big Kid 2.5-3 years
Preschool Prep Academy 2.5-3 years
Preschool Spanish & Lunch 3-5 years
Mini Kickers 3-5 years
Multi-Sport Mania 3-5 years
Preschool Blast off (Friday add on) 3-5 years
Preschool Yoga 3-5 years
Science Explorers & Lunch 3-5 years
T-Ball Skills & Games 3-6 years
Kindergarten Connection 5-6 years
Preschool Soccer & Lunch 3-6 years
Preschool Fitness Fun 3-5 years

New! Groovaroo
Try this fun line dance workout experience with your baby! This class is perfect for little ones who can be held heart to heart or bigger kids worn on your back in a 2-shoulder carrier or wrap. Older siblings are welcome to attend and join the dancing! Register here.

Funtastic Fridays
Plan a date night or take time for an evening to yourself while your child plays with friends and enjoys a pizza dinner! Our themed Funtastic Fridays are open to ages 3-5 and take place 6-8pm. Upcoming Funtastic Fridays include:

  • Let's Make Slime | Feb. 3 (Complete)
  • Let's Go to the Beach | March 3 (Complete)
  • Get Wacky with April Fools Fun | April 7 (Cancelled)

Lunch Bunch
Keep the fun going all afternoon with Lunch Bunch! Lunch Bunch is an extended afternoon class for preschoolers or kindergarteners ages 3-5 from noon-3pm Monday-Friday. Cost is just $20 per day. (You do not need to be in our Preschool to attend this program.) Contact 847-818-3200 or for information or register here.