We offer developmental leagues for all grades 1st-8th focusing on skill building and social interaction. Boys and girls will learn rules, develop an understanding of the game and build on fundamentals. Please contact Will Lieb for more information at 847-818-3200 x1223.

Basketball Programs

Develop an understanding for the game of basketball in our basketball programs. Participants will practice individual skills, game situations and strategies while maintaining good sportsmanship and a fun environment.
Program Ages
Lil' Dribblers 4-6 years
Lil' Jammers 5-6 years
Boys and Girls Basketball 6 years
Boys and Girls Basketball 7 years
Boys Basketball 7-8 years
Girls Basketball 8-9 years
Boys Basketball 8-9 years
Boys Basketball 9-10 years
Girls Basketball 10-12 years
Boys Basketball 11-12 years
Boys Basketball 13-14 years
Girls Basketball 13-14 years