The Olympic style sword fighting class teaches students the basic understanding of attack and defense of fencing. Basic moves and strategies that create a solid foundation for developing fencing game, drilling and bouting. Updated Equipment Procedure: Fencers are required to rent personal equipment for each session or they can purchase their own basic set (cost approximately $140). Contact Tracy at The Fencing Sports Club at 630-678-0035 to discuss equipment rental. Receive a 50% discount on each additional family member that registers for fencing.


Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
21-3157 Wed. 9/16-10/28 7:30-8:20pm $70/$90
21-3255 Wed. 11/4-12/9 7:30-8:20pm $50/$70


Code # Day Dates Time Fee R/NR
21-3156 Wed. 9/16-10/28 6:30-8pm $70/$90
21-3256 Wed. 11/4-12/9 6:30-8pm $50/$70