Full Time Staff List

Administrative Department

----Kevin Romejko.jpg
Kevin Romejko, MBA
Executive Director
847-818-3200x 1111
Doug Haywood
Doug Haywood
Superintendent of Finance & IT
847-818-3200x 1113

Liz Dalessandro
Administrative Services Specialist
847-818-3200x 1114
----Alison Reicher.jpg
Alison Reicher, SHRM-SCP
Manager of Human Resources & Employee Engagement
847-818-3200x 1115

Recreation Department

----ConorHeadshot-small.jpg Conor Cahill, CPRP
Superintendent of Recreation
847-818-3200x 1238

Bryce Bilodeau
Recreation Supervisor - Athletics
847-818-3200x 1223
Molly Downing, CTRS
Recreation Supervisor- Early Childhood Programs
847-818-3200x 1237
Clariza Wickell Clariza Wickell, CTRS, CIA
Recreation Supervisor - Youth General
Programs, Camps, R.E.C.
847-818-3200x 1225

Karen Richardson
Guest Services - Recreation
847-818-3200x 1221

Deion Quackenbush
Recreation Supervisor - Rentals & Parties
847-818-3200x 1222

Kailey Schwartzhoff
Recreation Supervisor - Events &
Community Engagement

847-818-3200x 1224
Geneva Slupski
Communications & Marketing Manager
847-818-3200x 1230

Kristina Sromek, CPRP
Recreation Supervisor - Adults & Seniors
847-818-3200x 1233
Robben Burdick
Robben Burdick
Graphic Designer
847-818-3200x 1229

Ice Arena Department

----Bob Veller EDIT.jpg Bob Veller
Superintendent of Ice Arenas
847-818-3200x 1444

Kevin Cygnar
Operations - Ice Arenas Coordinator
847-818-3200x 1445
Austin Spahr Austin Spahr
Supervisor - Youth Hockey Operations
847-818-3200x 1448
Kyle Belluomini Kyle Belluomini
Supervisor - Public Skate & Parties
847-818-3200x 1441
----Patti Headshot - small.jpg Patti Lowth
Guest Services - Ice Arena Coordinator
847-818-3200x 1443

Michelle Brosinski
Guest Services - Sports Complex
847-818-3200x 1331

Leanne Walsh
Supervisor - Learn to Skate
847-818-3200x 1333
Chris Flores
Operations - Ice Arenas Coordinator

Parks Department

----Brian-Small.jpg Brian McKenna, CPRP, CPSI
Superintendent of Parks
----Dominic-Headshot-small.jpg Dominic Calderisi
Safety Coordinator/Project Manager

Chris Jordan
Custodian Foreman
Building Maintenance Staff
Bill Shine
Parks Foreman
Building Maintenance Staff