Summer Swim Lessons

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Parent & Tot

Ages 3-36mos + Parents

This class is an introduction to water safety and basic water skills for both parent and child and meant to allow the child to explore the water in a supervised and fun environment. It is not a swim lesson and parents should adjust their expectations accordingly.


This class is for children who are new to swim lessons. Students learn basic water safety and developing a comfort level in the water. It teaches water orientation, body submersion, beginner floating, and beginner arm and leg movements.


This class is for children who are comfortable in the water. It focuses on teaching students to fully submerge face, unsupported front and back float, unsupported kick front and back, swim a minimum of 5 yards, beginning stages of breath and beginning stages of back crawl.


Students learn the skills needed to complete a 25-yard swim for each of the following: elementary backstroke, front crawl, and backstroke. All elementary water skills are reinforced so that they become second nature to the students.


This class is for children who are learning to swim front crawl 25 yards, alternate breathing, swim backstroke 15 yards, dolphin kick, tread water, and change direction at wall.


This class is for children who are learning to swim freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, sidestroke, streamline, do and open turn front and back, and beginning butterfly.

Private Lessons

Private lessons give you the one-on-one attention to work on your child's specific needs!

Semi-Private Lessons

Lessons are designed for 2-3 kids and give you the ability to create your own group lesson with the fellow swimmers of your choosing.