Tot Athletics

Basic fundamental skills of each sport will be taught in a non-competitive environment. Equipment is age appropriate. Socialization, teamwork, participation, motor skill development, good sportsmanship and having fun will be a part of each program. Call Scott Paddack at 847-818-3200 x 1223 for more information on all of our athletic programs. Make sure to check this page again as these classes will change seasonally.

Program Name Ages Day Fee R/NR (May vary by session)
Gymnastics Hot Shot Tots 11 months-3 years Thu. or Sat. $37/$56
Lil' Tees N' Kickers 2-3 years & Parent Tue. or Sat.
$27/$46 or $24/$36
Parent & Tot Hoops N' Kicks 2-3 years & Parent Thu.
3-Year Old Gymnastics 3 years Tue., Thu. or Sat. $37/$56
Mini Kickers 3-6 years Thu. or Sat.
$24/$36 or $32/$48
Multi-Sport Mania 3-6 years Thu. or Sat.
$32/$48 or $24/$36
4-5 Year Old Gymnastics 4-5 years Tue., Thu. or Sat. $37/$56
Lil' Dribblers 4-6 years Sat. $24/$36
Lil' Jammers Basketball 5-6 years Sat. $63/$80
Kindergarten Gymnastics 5-6 years Tue., Thu. or Sat. $37/$56 or $40/$60